Website Status Checker


Sometimes, we can't access a certain website. :(

It can be caused by:

  • our own ISP/Internet Service Provider implements geo-restriction or others
    This tool doesn't use virtual network to reach the host, just common straight forward http (TCP)
  • the browser "detected" the site as malicious, it then would prevent any connection to it (via that browser)
  • or, our network proxy/DNS sumthin (ISP or firewall related)
  • or, the actual site is:
    • doing a periodical maintenance
    • or, maybe having super large connections (actual traffic or DDoS)
    • or, the whole site just offline (on purpose or not)
    • or, a part of that site (path) is deleted from the server
  • or, others....

Therefore, this was built to check whether a particular site is actually down or just from our side.

Anywhale, this tool is implementing:

  • Python's module, httplib (plus other supporting modules to render this page and data transfer plus others), to get only the headers response of a particular site from our back-end.
    This can be substituted/enhanced/equipped with other Python's module(s) or your own module. Depends on what you need.
    This can also be done using other programming languages: PHP, Ruby, Node, Java, .Net, etc.
    This one is using Python power! Activate!
  • The XHR (XMLHttpRequest) control (JavaScript/ECMAScript) to our back-end to trigger the validity checking.
  • The custom input control (JavaScript/ECMAScript) on the front-end, to kind of check whether the input is sort of a URL.
  • Pure CSS framework, to make it neat to look at. Or sumthin similor.
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