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  1. Stopwatch and Timer
    A stopwatch and a timer in a page
  2. Base64 Converter
    Convert any local file to base64 URI
  3. FLAG
    Lookup national flag and a glimpse of information about that particular place (equipped with DuckDuckGo Instant Search)
  4. IPv4 RBLC
    Test IPv4 on 33 blacklist databases
  5. Speed Estimator
    Lightweight weblication to measure (estimate) latency, download, and upload of your ISP
  6. Latency Tester
    Checking internet connection latency of your ISP
  7. WHOIS Checker
    Checking the WHOIS part of a hostname (domain)
  8. Page Speed Checker
    Finding out the performance grade of a certain page via Google's Page Speed craft
  9. Weather Lookup
    Lookup current weather condition of a particular location via Open Weather Map database
  10. Check IPv4
    Finding out an IPv4 score based on Project Honey Pot database
  11. Website Status Checker
    Finding out whether a website is up or down.
    Via Python's httplib + JavaScript form/input control
  12. Element's Dimension
    Capturing element dimensions from JavaScript
  13. URL Lengthener
    URL lengthener, the opposite of shortener.
    Via Python's httplib + sweet Python custom modules + JavaScript form/input control
  14. Your IP
    Capturing your IP address with Python's WebOb Request class + JavaScript animation
  15. Browser Requests
    Capturing browser's request via Python's WebOb Request
    Converting UNICODE to entity and in reversed orientation

Rather complex

  1. Path Finding
    JavaScript (shuffle)

Benchmark related

  1. JSloop
    Testing for, while, and do-while methods

Examples at THOR

  1. 50 States
    Retrieving and injecting Google Drive (spreadsheet) JSON with jQuery
  2. HTML5 audio
    HTML5 audio events
  3. HTML5 video
    HTML5 video events
  4. YouTube iFrame
    Using JavaScript API from YouTube
  5. Social Media
    (Facebook, Twitter, and G+1) buttons JavaScript event listeners (for attaching callbacks)
  6. JS Responsive Iframe
    Creating a responsive iframe via JavaScript
  7. JS Responsive IframeS
    Creating multiple responsive YouTube iframes
  8. APlaya
    HTML5 audio JavaScript player example

nofollow pages

  1. Image
    Basic responsive image (CSS)
  2. Sequence
    Sequencing JavaScript functions
  3. Sequence FX
    Just like above but with animated output
  4. Detect User Agent
    Only with JavaScript
  5. Rondam
    JavaScript click, audio, and thing
  6. Browser history
    Detect the existence of stored browser history
  7. I am HTML
    A story on HTML
  8. Dynamic Interval
    Setting different amount of duration of JavaScript setInterval() method


THOR dot Jp net

If there's no license stated on any page, all front end codes (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) on THOR are licensed under MIT license (MIT).

CSS Framework

This page and some other page(s) use Pure (CSS framework). Pure is licensed under BSD license.
Also equipped with Font Awesome (free). Font Awesome is licensed under MIT, SIL OLF, and CC BY.


Thor is a deity from Norse mythology, son of Odin, or maybe son of a something else. It's something to pronounce Thor, like Thor. Say it out loud, please.

Thor is depicted usually with sledgehammer and a cape. He usually brings a sledgehammer for no reason wearing cape, because he usually does. The cape is fashion trend for royel jelly dressed by mommy. Like really stupid one, the fashion, the mommy is really beyond any. She can float and things. Now you probably wonder, what? Yeah, because a wand isn't his thing. Swamp Thing once said wiggled a wand, right, and then he became Swamp Thing. Before that, he wasn't. Like, a root or something. How come a root wiggled anything? It's a good question.


Thor dot Jp Net is deployed on Google App Engine in Python with Jinja2 templating module.

Anyway, this homepage's HTML is minified using HTMLMIN Python module. The CSS is minified using our own technique, and the JavaScript is (sometimes) minified using JSMIN with tinyweeny modification.

This site is authored and maintained by Monkey Raptor to display some parts we can build using the latest open sourced web technologies.

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